COTA SA makes submissions on behalf of older South Australians to governments, regulators and other bodies.

The aim of these submissions is to promote the interests of older people by influencing decisions and actions that affect them.

If you would like more information on our submissions or other policy work please Contact Us



Letter to Hon Vickie Chapman Minister for Planning and Local Government, Re Tree Canopy provisions of Draft Planning and Design Code

Letter to Attorney-General, Hon Vickie Chapman MP, Re Equal Opportunity (Religious Bodies) Amendment Bill 2020

South Australia's Road Safety Strategy to 2031
South Australian Reform Institute's Review of SA Power of Attorney Legislation
June Letter to Minister Lensink: Feedback on the Spent Convictions Act 2009 - Amendment Bill

South Australian Joint Statement Against the Religious Discrimination Bill

2020-2021 State Budget Submission



August COTA SA Submission Housing and Homelessness Support Strategy
July Letter to EOLC Joint Committee - Voluntary Assisted Dying Submission

Response - South Australian Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2024 Summary Framework for Consultation

Submission - South Australia's Oral Health Plan 2019-2026 - first draft


2019-2020 State Budget Submission

Letter to the Joint Committee on the Valuation Policies and Charges on Retirement Villages

Submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee on Health Services in SA



August   Response to the Legislative Council of South Australia Select Committee on Poverty in South Australia
July   2018-2019 State Budget Submission
June   Letter to the Hon Michelle Lensink MLC on housing issues affecting older people
June   Response to the South Australia’s Oral Health Plan Consultation Paper
May   Review of the State Public Health Plan South Australia: A Better Place To Live
  Elder Abuse Responses - Safeguarding the rights of older South Australians Discussion Paper



March   Submission to the Joint Committee on matters relating to Elder Abuse in South Australia
February   2017-2018 State Budget Submission



December   Response to the Legislative Council of South Australia Select Committee on Poverty in South Australia
June   Submission to the Review Of The Residential Parks Act 2007
April   Response to the draft Powers Of Attorney Bill
February   Submission to Housing SA Private Rental Inquiry


For submissions prior to 2016, please contact us.