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*Updated 10 March to include the response from the Equal Opportunity Commissioner, see downloads at end

Letter from Jane Mussared to Commissioner for Equal Opportunity

There is considerable concern from LGBTI Elders

Our LGBTI Advisory Group (and the broader COTA SA Rainbow Hub community) have asked that I contact you because of their concern about the fall-out from the now stalled debate on a federal Religious Discrimination bill. According to In Daily today, Family First will include in its State Election campaign a Religious Freedom Bill.

There is considerable concern from LGBTI Elders in relation to two things –

  • The rise again of hurtful and divisive anti-LGBTI sentiment that many of this generation have endured all of their lives;
  • A fear that State-based Equal Opportunity laws may be undermined.

LGBTI Elders would welcome any public information that supports them to know about their rights including in relation to hurtful expressions that might be based on so-called religious beliefs and about what their opportunities and remedies are to counter discrimination under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA).

I would value any feedback or advice that we might provide.

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