Rainbow Horizons

Rainbow Horizons

COTA SA, through our Rainbow Hub, is delivering the Rainbow Horizons Project, in partnership with Office for Ageing Well, to:

  • facilitate conversations between LGBTI community members about end-of-life care, planning and dying, both between LGBTI elders, and between elders and younger members of the LGBTI community
  • build and trial an intergenerational LGBTI ‘compassionate community' model that supports end of life care, planning and dying
  • develop a model that can be replicated elsewhere in the future
  • engage with relevant service providers who might support trial LGBTI compassionate community members (such as funeral businesses, aged care providers and palliative care services).

The Rainbow Horizons Project will create greater support across generations in relation to end of life planning, care and dying due to increased numbers of LGBTI people with plans and capacity to act as supports for others. Through the compassionate community participants will feel more included, listened to and connected to community, and stakeholders will better understand the needs of LGBTI people and respond to these. It is one of the compassionate communities underway referred to the new South Australia's Palliative Care Strategic Framework 2022-2027 | SA Health.

Members of the Project Working Group comprise: Syd Farrell, Lucy Hackworth, Stephen Leahy, Stephanie Russell, Nikki Sullivan, Gage Brewer, Polly Sumner Dodd, Zac Cannell, Ben-Hur Winter, Jackie Wurm (Executive Officer - Rainbow Horizons Project Officer).

This website will be updated as the project progresses until concluding in June 2023. Updates will also be provided in the Rainbow Hub E-news.

Projects supported by Office for Ageing Well lead the way in creating an inclusive society that moves beyond ageism, enables the participation of older South Australians as co-producers of change and realise the State Government and community's vision for ageing well as set out in South Australia's Plan for Ageing Well 2020-2025.

For more information or to participate in the Project contact Jackie Wurm, the Rainbow Horizons Project Officer, via email at jwurm@cotasa.org.au