Strength for Life FAQs

Strength for Life FAQs

Will I develop large muscles and look like a weightlifter?

Supervised strength training will safely improve the muscular strength of a participant no matter what their age, but is not likely to make a person look huge.

I have a chronic health condition. Will I still be able to take part in a SFL program?

Strength training can have significant health and lifestyle benefits. There is a focus on exercises that are functional and produce improvements to lifestyle, and everyone has their own individual program. Current research shows that most chronic conditions can be improved or maintained with a progressive resistance program.

Will somebody show me how to perform the exercises?

All new clients have a one-on-one assessment with a qualified SFL instructor or exercise physiologist, a program is developed and the client is taken through the program. At each subsequent session there is a dedicated SFL instructor overseeing the SFL clients.

Do I have to become a member of the Fitness Centre?

The majority of Centres offer single visit prices or 10 visit cards. At some Centres it is more cost effective to become a member.

I have never exercised before. Is SFL safe for me?

Supervised strength training is not a high risk activity for over 50s