Users can now RECHARGE their electric mobility scooter or wheelchair at COTA SA

In partnership with the City of Adelaide, a designated power point is now available at COTA SA for users to RECHARGE their electric mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Recharge Point logoThe RECHARGE Scheme was first developed in Victoria after electric mobility scooter or wheelchair users found they were not going out as often through fear of being stranded by a flat battery. Negotiating roads and footpaths mean batteries run low more quickly and deter people from travelling longer distances. The RECHARGE SCHEME now offers peace of mind and confidence for people to participate in the community as they choose.

You can recognise registered RECHARGE Point venues by the unique round blue sticker on or near the entrance and near the designated RECHARGE Point. So pop in and relax in air conditioned comfort while you RECHARGE your scooter or wheelchair in the spacious foyer at COTA SA, 16 Hutt Street, Adelaide. For more information about other RECHARGE Points in South Australia visit https://www.rechargescheme.org.au/.

COTA SA Recharge Point COTA SA Entrance