Consumer Representation

Advocacy and Representation

Advocacy and representation are key elements of our work.

COTA SA, as an independent organisation, is in a strong position to provide unbiased and effective representation of the views and interests of older South Australians to decision-makers and those influencing policy.

We represent your interests on more than 40 advisory boards and committees in the government, not-for-profit, business and research sectors. These cover a wide range of issues, such as health, energy, transport, justice, community services, and housing.

We are keen to hear your views so we can advocate for them. We are also keen to receive more volunteers to represent the views of older people on a range of committees and advisory groups.

If you’re interested in getting involved or just to find out more Contact Us

Consumer Representation

Below is the list of groups and advisory bodies on which COTA SA staff and volunteers act as consumer representatives

Aged Care Accreditation Standards Liaison Group

Aurora Energy Prepaid Consultation Taskforce

Australian Association of Gerontology SA/NT Branch Committee

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Consumer Consultative Committee

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Consumer Advisory Panel

Centrelink Participation Reference Group

Consumer Peak Forum (of SA branch of Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing)

Courts Administration Authority Community Liaison Committee

Department of Veterans' Affairs Deputy Commissioners Advisory Committee  

Disability Housing SA – Board

Energy Consumer’s Council (ECC)

Essential Services Commission Consumer Advisory Committee (ESCOSA)

Grandparents Consultative Group OFTA

Grandparents Reference Group Flinders University

Health & Communities Services Peak Bodies Forum

Health Consumers Alliance - Board

Healthy Ageing Implementation Group

Home & Community Care Ministerial Advisory Committee

Housing Council Community Sector

Low Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC)

Mature Aged Physical Activity Network

Medicare Consumer Consultative Group

Modbury Hospital Consumer Advisory Council

National ACROD Committee on Ageing and Disability

National Eye Health Initiative Vision for Older People Project Reference Group

National Return and Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Committee (RUM)

Older Drivers Reference Committee

PERSA Personal Emergency Response Services Association

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Consumer Advisory Council

Retirement Villages Act Advisory Committee

Royal Adelaide Hospital Consumer Advisory Committee

Royal Adelaide Hospital TOPIC 7 (The Older Person & Improving Care)

Royal District Nursing Consumer Advisory Committee


SACOSS Consumer Advocacy Panel Steering Committee

SACOSS Essential Services Policy & Advocacy Group

SACOSS Health Policy and Advisory Group

SACOSS Policy Council

SA Chronic Disease Self Management Committee

SA Dental Service Better Oral Health in Residential Care

SA Dental Service Consumer Advisory Panel

SA Dental Service/ Metro Domiciliary Care Northern Aged Care Dental Project Steering Committee

SARPRA South Australian Residential Parks Residents Association

Safety and Quality Ministerial Advisory Council - confidential

Safety and Quality Ministerial Consumer Advisory Ctee

Southern Adelaide Health Service Board

State Volunteer Ministerial Advisory Group

Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee

Telecommunications Consumer Group SA Inc

Transport Accessibility Advisory Group (TAAG)