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Martin Lewis

Martin has been a valued volunteer at COTA SA since May 2006, when he started as a Peer Educator to help others learn about a range of ageing issues.

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Martin started volunteering at COTA SA in May 2006 as a Peer Educator with the Seniors Quality Use of Medicines Project. Martin is punctual, highly skilled, influential and reliable, and highly regarded by his fellow peer educators, COTA SA staff and the community.

Over the years, Martin has presented sessions on a variety of topics including Beyond Maturity Blues; Medicines and You; Falls Prevention; Quality Use of Medicines; Advance Care Planning; Consumer Directed Care; Pills and Spills; and Moving Right Along and COTA SA. Martin has facilitated 313 peer education sessions with seniors clubs and groups across metropolitan Adelaide and country regions including Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Barossa Valley, South East, Mid North and the far north of South Australia.

Martin has also assisted COTA SA in a host of other ways including promotional stalls at community events, proof reading and reviewing policies and documents.

Outside of COTA SA, Martin volunteers in a number of other ways including volunteering with the St John Ambulance Brigade for 22 years (beginning when he was 18 years old); Apex Clubs from 1973 to 1985; various swimming clubs; at schools; on the Board of the South Australian Amateur Swimming Association; and on the panel of the South West Indoor Aquatic Centre Consultative Committee, which culminated in the construction of the SA Aquatic Centre at Oaklands Park.

Giving more than 1,435 hours and over 12 years of service to COTA SA, Martin received the highest level of recognition awarded to COTA SA volunteers.

Martin kindly spoke at our Volunteer Appreciation Event in May 2019, where he discussed the topic, What does the Community and the Volunteer get out of Volunteerism?

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