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23/5/2017 - It's an Online World - Stay Safe

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How engaged are you with today's digital world?

As older Australians, it is fair to say that you have seen times change immensely and rapidly, especially in the last decade or two. Sixty years ago, the only screens that most Australians could access were found in a cinema but now they are everywhere - TVs, phones, computers, laptops, even watches have screens!

Many of you would have been in your 40s or older before consumer access to dial-up internet became the ‘norm' in most homes around the mid-1990s, so some of you might struggle with the uptake of the digital world around you - while others have embraced it with open arms.

Either way, the increasingly digital world brings not only opportunities but also some risks - this week's blog post has a few simple tips for helping you to stay safe online.

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