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As my strength improves so does my confidence, self-esteem, and positivity… anything is possible!

Penny Schubert, Strength for Life participant

At 61 I knew I had to finally do something about my fitness.

Leisure activities such as bush walking and dancing, driving, housework, and my work as an Early Childhood Teacher, were all becoming more difficult because my body’s declining strength, range of movement and balance . I felt physically very weak and incapable.

I had been looking at the COTA website, on and off for a number of years, humming and haaing about joining a fitness programme. My procrastination lasted for about 5 years and then a few months ago, I thought to myself “just do it !”

I rang my local Strength For Life provider, Marinus at Hallett Cove after finding his details on the COTA website and committed a time to meet him.

Right from the first session, the other members of the group welcomed me.

The group warm up was gentle yet invigorating and my fears of collapsing in a breathless mess were proved baseless. This gave me instant relief AND confidence… “maybe my body isn’t in such bad shape after all?”

I have been attending the sessions, as a commitment to my own self-care, for the last few months and am enjoying it immensely.

The individual programme that Marinus designed for me is challenging, yet doable and he is there to encourage, guide and answer any questions. Marinus is truly knowledgeable, and I feel confident in his professional abilities.

I have started to compete with myself, focusing on my own improvements. Today, I walked backwards, heel to toe, for the first time without faltering, I added four more squats with the fit ball, and I balanced on one leg without the support of a post. These activities rely on my core strength, so I know my strength is improving.

Last week I vacuumed and mopped my house with relative ease and energy.

Last week, along with my lovely husband, I enjoyed a short bush walk over uneven, rocky ground to gaze at the Ingalalla waterfalls at Normanville.

At work, I can get up and down off the floor with the young children without groaning and I am more physically able to engage with the children.

As my strength improves so does my confidence, self-esteem, and positivity… anything is possible! today, Marinus showed us an article in the Sunday mail about a woman who is 110 and still does fitness training with a personal trainer, how inspiring!

So, if you have been looking for an inclusive, friendly way to increase your wellbeing and quality of life I heartly recommend the Strength For Life programme.

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