SA Policy Council
Policy Principles

Policy Principles

The following principles underpin the development of COTA SA policies.

  1. Maximising the social and economic participation of older Australians
    COTA SA will seek to maximise opportunities for social and economic participation by older Australians, including by promoting positive approaches to the contribution of seniors and the ageing of the Australian population, and by breaking down age discrimination in all areas of social and economic life. 
  2. Promoting sustainable, fair and responsible policies
    COTA SA will be committed to the development of fair and sustainable policies for seniors that take account of the needs of the entire community in the short and long term. It will develop policies which are fiscally and economically responsible and which fairly balance the competing needs and interests of diverse groups amongst the senior population and other sectors of the community. 
  3. Protecting and extending services and programs that are used and valued by older Australians
    COTA SA will develop policies and provide advice on maintaining and improving services and programs which seniors use and value. These include primary health care, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, employment, utilities, public transport, residential care, housing and community care. It will seek to ensure that there is an adequate safety net of services and income support which all seniors can access according to fair and equitable criteria in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life. 
  4. Focus on protecting against and redressing disadvantage
    COTA SA believes that all people have the right to security, dignity, respect, safety, high standards of treatment and care and to equal participation in the community regardless of income, status, background, location, frailty, or any other social, cultural or economic factor. As a result, COTA SA will have a strong focus on seniors who are most vulnerable or disadvantaged in terms of these criteria.