Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

COTA SA is committed to making our website accessible to all. This website has been designed to ensure that the content with accessibility in mind and incorporates a number of features to assist with this:-
  • The site has been optimised for monitors set at 1024 by 768 screen resolutions but is designed to scale for both lower and higher screen resolutions (please be aware that other screen resolutions may have a negative impact on the appearance of some pages).
  • The site uses relative font sizes, enabling users to increase the font size using browser settings (in Internet Explorer please go to the View menu, then select Text Size and select Larger or Largest)
  • All pages on the site have been optimised for printing
  • All images on the website include text descriptions for screen readers and users who browse the internet with images off
  • All links are clearly underlined and coloured green to highlight them
  • Links are predominantly text-based, where a link is image-based, text will be included beneath the image.
  • Forms are tab indexed, enabling users to navigate them with the keyboard

If you have experienced any difficulties with the accessibility of this site or have comments about the accessibility please Contact Us with details. All feedback is welcome and will inform future developments to the site.