Silver Rainbow - LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training

Silver Rainbow - LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training & Consulting

The Silver Rainbow LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training Project is managed by LGBTIQ+ Health Australia and is being delivered collaboratively with project partners across every state and territory in Australia. It is funded by the Department of Health.

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COTA SA is pleased to have been selected to be the South Australian partner for this project.

Silver Rainbow

Silver Rainbow project partners can deliver flexible training and organisational development services to aged care services, assessment teams, allied health services, and other stakeholders.

Our Silver Rainbow Training & Consulting team (SRT&C) assists agencies to be welcoming to, as well as standards-compliant for, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) elders, consistent with Australian Aged Care Quality Standards and the principles of diversity and inclusion.

COTA SA’s trainers are an experienced group of trainers who are themselves older LGBTI people with their own lived experiences. This group was drawn from an Advisory Group who were recruited to support the LGBTIQ People Ageing Well project.

The LGBTIQ People Ageing Well project commenced in April 2017 as a 12-month joint project between COTA SA and the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA), funded by the then Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). The main aim of the project was to engage with older people from South Australia’s LGBTI communities to find out what matters most to them as they age to better inform policy and create a groundswell for change to the policies that impact on the lives of older LGBTI people. The project also celebrated the lives and contributions of older LGBTI people.

Their stories and lived experiences have the power to promote a greater understanding of a unique set of issues, but also the power to create changes that will support and enhance the lives of South Australia’s older LGBTI population. A copy of the Final Report from the project can be found here

One of the key issues that arose through the conversations with older LGBTI people was aged care and in particular the concerns people had about accessing services as they aged. It was on the strength of these findings that COTA SA applied to become the SA partner with the Silver Rainbow project.

For further information about the Silver Rainbow project or to enquire about booking a training session please contact us at cotasa@cotasa.org.au or call 08 8232 0422 or 1800 182 324 for country callers.

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This guide has been designed as a multipurpose tool to support people who are beginning to access ageing & aged care services. The factsheet provides a series of questions that can help people to decide if a service is LGBTI inclusive and was developed as part of the Silver Rainbow Project.

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