Information Access

COTA SA Information Access

Can COTA SA help with that?

Need assistance finding information, completing forms or documents? We aim to help you fi nd the best outcome for your needs.

COTA SA now has a team of helpful volunteers who can talk with you and share information.

COTA SA can provide you with current and accurate information and support you when you need assistance with the following:

• filling in or understanding forms and documents
• navigating your way around government systems including health and aged care
• finding a social Club to join
• housing needs - crisis support
• information on completing an Advanced Care Directive
• driving licence renewals
• understanding your household accounts - budgeting
• technology that suits your needs
• health links
• community service - JP
• locating health and aged care information and resources
• navigating government and other agency systems and websites
• Proof of age card and how to get one

COTA SA will endeavour to assist you to feel empowered to link in with your community and to encourage further follow-up with your topic or issue independently.

• We encourage individuals to be an active participant and assist them to achieve their goals.
• We may also refer you to other organisations that may be of service to you.

To arrange an appointment call COTA SA reception on 8232 0422.