COTA SA scores the parties for Election Day

COTA SA scores the parties for Election Day

More than half of the eligible voters in South Australia are aged 50 and over. COTA SA, as the peak organisation for older people, spent the second half of 2017 talking with older South Australians all over the state about what matters most to them in the upcoming State Election.

Using this feedback, COTA SA developed its 2018 State Election Platform which outlines nine problem areas and the solutions needed to fix them. These are the policies that older people want to see our state's decision-makers adopt should they be elected on March 17.

COTA SA has now asked each of the major and minor parties vying to win seats in the State Parliament about each of these problem areas and proposed solutions. The parties who responded in detail were the ALP, Liberals, SA Best, Greens, Dignity and Australian Conservatives. Advance SA, who are seeking the election of two Upper House candidates, provided a brief email response (view here) that was not comprehensive enough to analyse in detail.

Each response has been analysed using a traffic light system, with the respondents given an overall rating for how their policies will address each of the nine problem areas overall.

Election scorecard traffic light

A red light was allocated when:

  • The response did not address the problems identified in COTA SA's platform and/or
  • No response was provided

An amber light was allocated when:

  • The response mostly aligned with COTA SA's solution but lacks detail
  • The response only partly responded to the problem identified in COTA SA's platform

A green light was allocated when:

  • The response aligned entirely or substantially with COTA SA's policy solution and/or
  • The response proposes to fix the problem in an alternative, credible and specific way

Election Scorecard Summary

Election Scorecard Table

View the complete Election Scorecard

You can read each party's unedited responses below: