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This year...

The Plug-in's Influencers have shared their thoughts and insights in a variety of projects that have been finalised over the last few months:

  • The Plug-in was supported through the Consumer and Advocacy Research Fund (CARF) to conduct interviews and a state-wide survey with over 420 Influencers to explore the water usage and needs of older regional people. Our report of findings has been published on the CARF website for you to read in full.

    We also had direct consumer insights published by ABC news as part of a story on the challenges facing Quorn residents, truly helping to raise the voices of older people.

    COTA SA will continue to use the results to help in advocacy and policy work
  • On behalf of City of Adelaide, The Plug-in conducted a survey with 100 city residents aged 50+ and held three workshops with 25 city residents, to understand how the city is used and what programs and activities could be introduced to support healthy ageing. The reports from this project are available on the City of Adelaide website
  • The Plug-in supported COTA Australia, as part of its involvement in the Aged Care Taskforce, by developing and hosting a survey to understand perspectives on guiding principles for aged care and the future of funding, with over 1900 older people from across Australia taking part. The final report from the Aged Care Taskforce is due in December. You can read more here

What’s coming up?

There are a range of projects that The Plug-in is embarking on as we lead into 2024, including:

  • research in partnership with Office for Women to better understand older women’s experiences of domestic violence
  • consumer consultation for feedback in aged care services
  • work to understand the impacts of long COVID
  • further work on research translation of the Better Way Urgent Care services

...and much more!

If you have experiences or thoughts on any of these topics, COTA SA warmly encourages you to sign up for free to share your valuable insights and have an influence. We want to hear from you!

Please register online via, phone us on 08 8224 5526 or email:

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