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Climate Change Group: Switching from Gas to Electric

20 September 23

Burning gas in our homes to cook food or heat air and water has become a contentious issue: Gas is an expensive, polluting fossil fuel, and there’s mounting evidence to suggest it’s also bad for our health.

Our Climate Change Group member, Barry, recently told us of his experience researching how to switch from gas to electric in his home.

“I experienced first-hand what it was like to navigate the mounds of information about making the switch. It took quite some time to research what to do and the things I needed to consider, such as costs and the best appliances for my home.”

Barry found a great article The Conversation daily newsletter recently released on switching from Gas to Electric in our homes. The article has a list of five tips – with lots of helpful resources to cut through the confusion.

“If you’re contemplating upgrading gas appliances in your home, or even disconnecting from the gas network altogether, I recommend this article as a starting point.”

  • Tip 1 – Find trusted, independent information
  • Tip 2 – Plan your approach
  • Tip 3 – Access available rebates and resources
  • Tip 4 – Wait for a sale or negotiate a better deal
  • Tip 5 – Know the issues

Read the article here for more in-depth information, including extensive information for each of these tips.

If you have a question that you would like to ask about making this switch, call the COTA SA front desk on 08 8232 0422 and leave your details. We will get back to you.

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