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The $243 will be a help in the short run, but of course will not last. In the meantime, prices will keep going up, no matter what we are told.

Survey respondent

Thank you to all who provided their feedback so far in our most recent State Budget Survey. These results will assist COTA SA in our advocacy, ensuring that the voices of older South Australians are heard.

A total of 225 older people completed our short survey to tell us how they felt about the June State Budget announcement. When asked about the 2024 State Budget, the overwhelming majority of respondents felt neutral or negative. Only 18% of respondents felt somewhat positive, and a small 3% felt very positive.

Of those who felt it would have an impact on their life, only 11% felt this impact would be positive.

Approximately a third of survey respondents (27%) felt that the State Budget missed providing more support for the health system, particularly in areas such as free ambulance services, affordable dental care, hospital accessibility, and reduced wait times for healthcare facilities. Although 26% of respondents viewed the cost of living support as a positive aspect of the state budget, many (25%) believed that there should be a broader application of cost of living benefits and that pricing controls are needed for long-term support.

Some of the thoughts shared by respondents included:

  • ‘Electronic ambulance info service development will help some. Cost of living lump sum will help some.’
  • ‘There should be more for rent relief and more on-going support. Many of us have paid taxes all our life and for many have no saving in retirement. Especially to purchase larger items and be even able to afford private health cover.’
  • ‘A one-off COL is minimal, it should be quarterly to help people with their energy and other costs that will gradually rise again.’
  • ‘Free ambulance for Seniors - why the big delay, SA always seems to be lagging behind other States. No mention of dental health. There is a very long wait, and teeth get worse during the wait to a point that many people need to eat 'soft' food.’
  • ‘Free Ambulance service for older people was missed.’
  • ‘The ongoing struggle to survive..... hospital beds... a new few here and there.... going to the emergency department is a huge fear because of ramping, waiting times to see a doctor.... the politicians really have no idea what waiting 10 hours to see a doctor is like and all that time feeling very poorly.’
  • ‘The $243 will be a help in the short run, but of course will not last. In the meantime, prices will keep going up, no matter what we are told. It is the future and not far into the future, that is the biggest concern. The debt is far beyond my thinking and many others as well.’

COTA SA will will continue to strongly advocate for older South Australians to ensure your voices are heard as the government rolls out key budget investments and initiatives.

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