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Silver Rainbow Training – LGBTI+ Diversity and Inclusion Training in Aged Care

1 February 24

What is Silver Rainbow Training and how can it help Aged Care providers to be more inclusive?

COTA SA’s Silver Rainbow Training Team works with Aged Care providers to help them better understand the needs of their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI+) clients and residents. Through a focus on Diversity and Inclusion - within the context of organisational development - staff have the opportunity to explore practical ways of making their own practice more welcoming and more inclusive.

The Silver Rainbow Training Team works with Aged Care providers to help board members, managers, frontline staff and volunteers gain a broader understanding of:

  • Their own values around Diversity and Inclusion
  • Why these values – and the organisation’s values - are important
  • What being LGBTI+ can mean in the context of accessing Aged Care services
  • The impact of possibly decades of discrimination on people’s health and well-being
  • What concerns people from LGBTI+ communities might bring with them
  • What ongoing medical needs people from LGBTI+ communities might have
  • How workplace practices relate to the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • How workplace practices relate to the organisation’s Diversity Action Plan
  • What the Specification Verification Framework is and what it can mean in practice

Most significantly perhaps, Silver Rainbow Training offers the chance for staff to engage with these important issues in a meaningful way. The training is designed to allow time for exploration so that staff can make the connections between the organization’s values, their own values and their workplace practices. Following the principles of Adult Education, the power of Silver Rainbow Training is in the collaborative work that participants engage in to integrate their learning into their practice.

For further information about the training or to book, please call us on 08 8232 0422, 1800 182 324 for country callers or email

Please ask about our 25% CHSP discount on Silver Rainbow Training

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