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Energy usage webinar - share your thoughts

27 June 24

How do you go about reducing your energy usage at home? And/or its attendant costs?

Our first webinar discussing energy usage from COTA SA’s Climate Change Group was on the topic of Understanding your energy usage and managing your energy costs. If you couldn't make it or would like to watch it again it can be found here.

The webinar was co-hosted with Jennifer Mann from the SA Government’s Energy Advisory Service and featured many helpful suggestions, including the fact that most SA libraries can loan (for free) metering devices to help measure the electricity usage of appliances.

In future webinars we plan to look at real-life case studies of older South Australians who have:

  • Attempted to understand energy tariffs and reduce their costs.
  • Installed energy-efficient electric appliances
  • Installed solar and batteries
  • Looked at electric vehicles.

But we'd like to hear from you - what do you feel worked in this webinar, what didn’t and what might we do differently?

We'd also love to hear from you if you have questions you'd like us to tackle on your behalf, or if you just want to communicate about energy usage. Please contact the Climate Change Group via COTA SA’s reception on 08 8232 0422 or email

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