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Everything you always wanted to know about LGBTI+ but didn't know who to ask!

This short course, to be held on Saturday 20 April at 10am, is part of COTA SA's new collaboration with WEA. It is an opportunity for people to get some clarity about things LGBTI+. As we all know, there is a lot in the media and more on social media at the moment about anything related to LGBTI+ people and concepts. There is a lot of confusion and many people have questions but are not sure who to ask. Run in a safe, respectful cultural space, this short course will cover the basics and give people a chance to ask their questions.

Run by experienced LGBTI+ trainers from COTA SA, this course provides an opportunity to get the facts, understand the social context and the history. Designed for the general public, LGBTI+ covers questions like What does LGBTI+ actually mean? What is inclusive language and why is it important? Which pronouns should one use? What might be some of the inter-generational issues of, for example, having a young person in your family who is LGBTI+ identifying? At the other end of the spectrum, what kinds of issues particularly affect LGBTI+ people as they age? This is a workshop not to be missed.

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