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Launch of COTA SA’s Podcast Series - Voices on Ageing: Social Connections

1 February 22

New podcast helping over 50s get their mojo back

The first-ever podcast series by COTA SA, produced to help older South Australians find their zest for life and improve their wellbeing, is now streaming on Spotify and Google and Apple Podcasts.

‘Voices on Ageing’ is a free six-part series, interviewing over 50s about how they’ve empowered themselves to reconnect with life and their community, how they’ve achieved connection, and what contributed to their success.

Among the interviewees is 72-year-old Margaret from Belair, who embraced ‘pumping iron’ to help her overcome shock, fear and a period of depression after an unexpected medical diagnosis.

“I had a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment which it can go forwards or backwards and I was very motivated to stave it off. When I learned that physical exercise is one of the maingame changers for cognition, I started taking COTA’s Strength for Life classes a little more seriously,” Margaret says.

But beyond the physical exercise, the social element of classes is beneficial for brain health.

“I once said to one of the instructors, perhaps we should be chatting less and exercising more, but he said it’s also for the social benefit. I know, for me, if I didn’t have the appointment of the class I wouldn’t be doing the exercise by myself at home. This really works for me.”

And Margaret says she has noticed a change in her mind.

“I have fewer times when I put the salt in the fridge, fewer times when I forget someone’s name. I can feel the difference and my friends and family can tell the difference... I say I lost some of my marbles but I found them again at the gym!”

COTA SA chief executive Jane Mussared said the ‘Voices on Ageing’ podcast will inspire and empower older people to make changes in their own lives.

“We have met wonderful people whose lives have altered or faltered after experiencing some of life’s challenges, but the podcast shares how they found their mojo, reconnected with others, and got back into life after a period of loneliness or social isolation,” she said.

“With our support, all the podcast interviewees took steps to reconnect with others and revitalise their activities and will share with listeners how they can do the same.

“If you, or someone you know is facing barriers as they age, this is the podcast for you.”

You can enjoy all of the episodes now, available on your favourite podcast streaming service and on the COTA SA website

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