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How you can use your financial assets to impact climate change

24 April 23

In a recent survey conducted by COTA SA's social research arm, The Plug-in, more than 80% of respondents expressed real concern about the impact of climate change.

The recent floods in the eastern states, the Kimberley and down the River Murray have also signalled changes happening to our climate. Climate change is not just a problem for our children and grandchildren – it is impacting everyone, and it's doing so now. Just check your insurance premiums which are rising across the board as insurers spread their increases in losses across many policies.

What can we do?

But what can an individual or a family practically do about it? We know about putting in solar, using water more carefully, recycling and so on, but are there other practical options?

Yes! We can use our financial power to make a difference. We have bank accounts with banks and credit unions; we buy goods from shops; and many of us have superannuation or investments. We can direct with which firms we save, spend and invest.

On 8 March, COTA SA and our Climate Change Group hosted a webinar exploring ideas around how we can use our financial power to make a difference. You can watch that here.

Get involved!

Keep up to date with our activities in this area on our Climate Change page - and if you want to get involved, you're welcome to join our Climate Change Group. More webinars and actions are being planned.

To join the group, contact Peter Croft via the COTA SA office:

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