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Health and Wellbeing: a high priority for older South Australians

1 May 23

COTA SA’s State Budget Submission in focus

Priority Two: Health and Wellbeing

Good health and timely access to high quality health and care services is a high priority for South Australians aged over 50. Through our engagement with older South Australians, we often hear that they want better control of their own health and patient journeys, including options to receive treatment, support and to rehabilitate in their own home. Paramedic services is a key part of this journey and the overall public heath triage and intervention system.

Equally important to older South Australians are adopting habits that promote wellness and have a positive impact on physical and mental health. Good oral healthcare has a central place in general health. So too does physical strength and balance.

COTA SA’s Strength for Life program helps to promote healthy communities. We have heard from participants of our Strength for Life program of the tremendous benefits the program brings to their health and wellbeing,

“I am now fitter, stronger and have better posture than I have for at least 20 years. All of this because I took the time to check out Strength for Life.”

COTA SA is passionate about giving all older people the opportunity to participate in Strength for Life, however a significant barrier for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities is cost. Ahead of the State Government’s budget in June, we are calling on the state government to fund CALD communities to continue delivering Strength for Life in their communities.

We are also urging the government to respond to the healthcare needs of older South Australians:

  • Expanding in-home health and rehabilitation services that reduce unnecessary hospital admission, unplanned hospital readmissions and emergency department presentations
  • Funding free paramedic services for those on a full Age Pension
  • Increasing funding for public dental services, including transport to appointment
  • Funding a health promotion initiative of the importance of good oral healthcare.

Read more about these health and wellbeing recommendations and other priorities in the COTA SA 2023/24 State Budget Submission

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