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Stop the Spread in SA

COTA SA, in line with unequivocal public health advice, encourages all South Australians to be fully vaccinated.

For those who are hesitant to be vaccinated or who need more information, we encourage you to discuss this with your doctor.

COVID-19 is present in our community. High vaccination rates reduce the risk of becoming infected, reduce the severity of symptoms and reduce the likelihood of transmission to others.

The other COVID-19 precautions that we are familiar with continue to be very important - good hand hygiene, wearing a mask (or a face shield if preferred), maintaining social distance and isolating and getting tested if you are symptomatic.

From a COTA SA perspective, we are following all mandates and requirements. For anyone who would prefer to contact us by telephone or email, please do.

Please look out for one another and keep in touch.

For more information -

Updated Industry Code for Visiting in Aged Care

An updated Industry Code for Visiting in Aged Care was released in late 2021 by COTA Australia. The Code is agreed by aged care providers, carer and consumer peaks and available through COTA Australia. Residents should always have access to at least one visitor even in the event of a COVID 19 outbreak. Please note that the Code is voluntary and an aged care home is not obligated to adopt it and it does not override relevant SA public health orders. If you been affected by lockdowns and visitation restrictions in a Residential Aged Care Facility and need further advice and support, we recommend the following:

  • Speak with the manager of the aged care home in the first instance to discuss the visitor policy during a COVID 19 outbreak and the needs of the resident, staff and visitor.
  • If your discussion with the aged care home is not satisfactory or you need additional advice or support, you can call the Aged Rights Advocacy Service on (08) 8232 5377 or visit Aged Rights Advocacy Service.
  • The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is responsible for assessing the quality of care against the Aged Care Quality Standards. Part of its consideration will include reference to best practice such as that laid out in the Code. You can lodge a complaint through the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission: Making a complaint | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

SA Health has further information specific to Aged Care on its website- Aged Care - COVID-19 | SA Health.

Staying in touch with us

Please look out for one another and keep in touch. COTA SA welcomes and values your feedback. Please contact us:

Phone: 08 8232 0422
Country Callers: 1800 182 324

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