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Measures to Protect our COTA SA Community

Given the serious and ongoing threat posed by COVID-19 and the particular risk to older South Australians, COTA SA has put in place new measures to protect our COTA SA community.

Staff, volunteers, visitors and all other individuals entering our Hutt St office or attending COTA SA hosted events, are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in accordance with the current Australian Government guidelines.

The only exception will be for those who have a valid Medical Exemption. Staff, volunteers and guests must also wear a mask except while seated.

We are mindful that some older South Australians will continue to choose not to be fully vaccinated. We will maintain a range of opportunities to stay in touch including by telephone, online, email and post.

Staying in touch with us

COTA SA welcomes and values your feedback. Please contact us:

Phone: 08 8232 0422
Country Callers: 1800 182 324

Please look out for one another and keep in touch.

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