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Visiting an older person is a simple and effective way to connect with someone and brighten a life. As little as one hour every one or two weeks can make a difference to the wellbeing of an isolated person.

People who request a visitor feel alone for various reasons, including:

  • little contact with friends or relatives
  • feeling isolated from their culture and heritage
  • mobility issues that prevent them from taking part in social or leisure activities
  • being different in some way.

Regular visits from a volunteer under the Community Visitors Scheme (an initiative funded by the Australian Government) can help to improve quality of life and help older people feel less isolated. It can be rewarding for everyone involved and many friendships have been formed through this program.

Why join?

  • Make a difference in your community
  • Keep connected with others
  • Brighten someone’s day.

Volunteers are recruited and supported by COTA including training, reimbursement of visiting travel expenses, recognition events and opportunities to connect with others and share ideas.

There are currently more people waiting for a visitor than there are volunteers. If you would like to help or learn more visit the COTA Visitors page.

We currently have clients waiting in all areas of Adelaide:

  • Diana* in Felixstow lives at home alone and would like a friend to connect with for general conversation and to learn how to search the internet. Diana loves her pot plants.
  • Bob* lives in an aged care facility in Ridgehaven, his mobility issues restrict him from socialising. He would love someone to talk to.
  • Yvonne* lives at home in Marion. She loves spending time in the garden and would like someone to chat about news and current affairs, sit in the garden and have a cuppa.

*names has been changed for privacy

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