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Climate Action: Recycle your old batteries

8 April 24

COTA SA's Climate Change Group is passionate about the actions that individuals can take, big or small, that helps to care for the planet. One of these actions is sharing stories and finding reliable sources of information that are balanced and easy to understand. Our Climate Change Group members will share stories and information that they find useful with the hope that you will find it useful too! In today's story, the group shares what to do with your old batteries.

In Australia, hundreds of millions of old batteries end up in landfill each year. Familiar ones like AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6V plus power tool batteries and button cell batteries.

There are now many places where used batteries can be disposed of safely, and then recycled to reuse the valuable minerals inside:

  • Many of supermarkets now have a battery disposal box, such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and some IGA stores
  • Other stores that may have free drop-off points include Bunnings, Battery World, IKEA and Officeworks
  • Many local councils offer a free drop-off service, check if yours does by giving them a call or checking their website
  • Household Hazardous waste facilities accept batteries

Visit the Which Bin website for more useful information about how and where to recycle batteries. Or go to the Recycling Near You website to find a recycler in your area.

Tip: For safety put sticky tape over the battery terminals to avoid risk of fire.

If you want to chat about this topic, contact the COTA Climate Change Group via the reception desk on 08 82320422.

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