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SFL Instructor Training

COTA SA offers Strength for Life Instructor training sessions at regular intervals throughout the year. The objective of the training is to equip allied health and fitness professionals with the knowledge and tools to:

  1. Conduct individual assessments and
  2. Deliver Strength for Life sessions to program participants


A prerequisite of the Strength for Life Endorsement Scheme is that all personnel directly involved in SFL must complete the SFL In-Service Training before being involved in the program.

  • Tier 1: Tier 1 Instructors are required to have completed a tertiary qualification and be accredited as an Exercise Physiologist, a Physiotherapist by Exercise Sport Science Australia or Australian Physiotherapy Association respectively. Exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are required to complete the Tier 1 induction. Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy graduates with less than 1 year's clinical experience are required to complete the full SFL Instructor Training. It is recommended that Allied health attend the face to face practical session of the full training.
  • Tier 2: Instructors are required to have completed a minimum of Certificate IV in fitness.
    Fitness professionals that have completed a minimum of Certificate III in Fitness are eligible to undertake training to become a Tier 2 SFL Instructor. Once training has been completed Instructors with a Certificate III in Fitness will be limited to supervising Tier 2 sessions, only if they are supported by a qualified and trained SFL Instructor.
  • Aqua: Instructors are required to have completed the full SFL training and have aqua certification. Please contact us to enquire about SFL Aqua.

Training Sessions

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Tier 1 Induction

The Tier 1 induction is required to be completed by all Tier 1 instructors. This is an online course, followed by a 30 minute zoom review with the Manager, Strength for Life 

Fee: $100

Full Training

Fitness Instructors must supply copies of Cert 3/4 Gym/PT qualifications.

The training course is accredited for  11 cecs

Until this year, and COVID 19, the SFL training course was 2 days face to face (about 14 hours) but now the training incorporates an extensive theory component and questions through the online learning management system before attendance at face to face 1 day training.

Next session to be announced (9am-5pm)

This training day includes:

  • Assessment and health appraisal
  • SFL Forms
  • Pyramid of performance
  • Case Studies
  • Warm up and Pracitcal strength and power ideas
  • Practical - program applications for older clients
  • balance

Fee: $250 - manual included

Update Training

A prerequisite of the SFL Training is that all personnel directly involved in SFL, must have completed the original SFL training and must attend an update every 2 years (proof of updated registration required).

The training course is accredited for  6 cecs

Next session to be announced (10am - 4:30pm)

Modules will include:

  • Assessment and health appraisal review - Tier 1 and Tier 2; forms
  • Assessments and writing programs with clients - review
  • How to service existing clients
  • Updated Warm ups
  • Updated strength ideas

Fee: $200 inc gst. Manual included.

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  • Parking is available on site for a fee, but you can park outside of the complex and make your way to the large red and blue building marked Reception, near the front entrance. Ask at front desk.
  • Please bring your own lunch. Morning tea will be provided. 
  • Invoice provided.

The training will be an interactive session, which will give participants a chance to discuss some of the issues pertinent when working with over-50s in a strength training setting, including training variables and service delivery.


Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing (CPAA)
207-255 Hampstead Road
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