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Volunteer Stories

Volunteers are integral to the delivery of programs, services and activities at COTA SA, and they all have their story — what inspires them, how they contribute and how it enriches their life.

Two older people smiling and looking at a phone over coffee

Our volunteers all have their own stories — what inspires them to volunteer, how they contribute and how it enriches their lives. Read about their motivations and experiences — their story.

Carol Hillman has made a significant contribution to the community and to COTA SA through ten years of volunteer service.

Martin Lewis has been a volunteer since 2006 when he became a Peer Educator to help others learn about a range of ageing issues.

Sue Pitman's volunteering journey with COTA SA started in 2016 after a long career with the Australian Government.

When Jackie Bowness retired in 2014, she was completely unprepared for life as a retiree — until she became a COTA SA volunteer.

A retired lawyer, Christine Christopoulos became an Advance Care Directives Program volunteer in 2014 and hasn't looked back.

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