Rainbow Memories Workshop

Challenging invisibility and celebrating our histories

When: Saturday 20 March
 Memorial Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, onsite parking available.
Free, but places limited
By 14 March, email events@cotasa.org.au or call 08 8232 0422.

Co-presented by COTA SA Rainbow Hub and the Centre of Democracy.

As older people, some of us downsize or get sick or just pare things back; as a result precious mementoes are thrown away or packed up and lost to our history. Mainstream media, websites and books preserve versions of the history of the mainstream world but hardly anybody but us knows about our gatherings, activism and fights for human rights and survival, camps, clubs and associations, families and families of choice, parenting, important moments and our capacity to share and support or challenge and feud. Just another way in which society makes us invisible-so let's reverse that.

Our Project Officer Jackie wurm was looking for ways to tell these stories and record these mementoes. Jenny Scott on our Advisory Group is now a retired Archivist but once an Archivist always recording and naming and scanning and photographing and identifying. She has connected with Nikki Sullivan from the History Trust of South Australia's Centre of Democracy to create a day of saving and storing Rainbow memories, increasing our visibility and celebrating our histories.

Start preparing for this day

Think about up to 10 items (photos, flyers, sports trophies, banners, posters etc) you would like digitised or photographed and about the stories that go with them. If you have a bigger collection we'll negotiate its preservation on the day.

There will be resources and resource people available who will do the technology stuff so don't worry about that. We'll have a scanner, laptops, cameras and scribes to help with writing your story; there will also be other people's stories to read. As well we'll have discussions about how to preserve our histories.

There will be a detailed program sent out soon; you will be asked to book a specific time slot time for your turn with the resource people. Like all COTA SA events we will be adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines so you will need to register and to cancel if unable to come.

Put the date in your diary and register your interest now!

Download the flyer for this event