National Scams Awareness Week - Information Session

When: Thursday 15 August 2019
Time: 10 am - 12 noon. Morning tea provided between 9:30 0 10am
Where: COTA SA, 16 Hutt Street, Adelaide
Cost: Free.

August 12-16 is National Scams Awareness week 2019. This is the time when we do our bit to minimise the impact of scams on the community by raising awareness of scams and ways to detect and therefore avoid them.

We're pleased this year to be hosting this information session presented by our ZestFest oration sponsor, nbn. Come along to find out how to protect yourself from scams, and learn tips on how to be safe in the online domain.

Bookings: Please RSVP to events@cotasa.org.au or 8232 0422 or 1800 182 324

Find out from nbnTM Community Ambassador Cassandra Norton all about the nbnTM network and if your house is ready to connect.

  • Got questions about the nbnTMnetwork?
  • Is your house ready to connect?
  • Have you been contacted by someone claiming to be from nbnTM asking for personal information?
  • Have you received a phone call saying you're going to be disconnected?