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COTA SA - A snapshot of 2017


Policy Strength For Life Peer Education


Strength For Life

Peer Education

COTA SA advances the rights, interests and futures of all South Australians as we age. We lobby to influence government, the private sector and the community. Our advocacy in 2017 has focused on housing, health, the cost of living, age discrimination and employment, as well as responding to emerging policy issues. Since 2004, Strength for Life has increased the strength, health and well-being of over 50s across SA.
In 2017 Strength for Life continues to evolve with the introduction of SFL Aqua. Aqua was launched on October 23 to cater for those who prefer the water to manage health and wellbeing.
COTA SA peer educators continue to share information with older South Australians. Topics include Maximising My Independence (about the Commonwealth Home Support Programme) and Moving Right Along - obligations and opportunities for older drivers and motorised mobility scooter users.



The Plug-in ZestFest 2017 Peer Education

The Plug-in

ZestFest 2017

COTA Conversations

The Plug-in, a new social enterprise established by COTA SA, is a diverse community of older people who are willing to be ‘plugged in' to design, research and innovation processes to create and improve technology, products and services that suit the needs, preferences and priorities of older people. To mark our 50th festival, we launched a new brand and vision - Zestfest - a festival of Modern Ageing. The three themes of Celebrate, Connect, and Challenge lead the programming as new partnerships were forged with South Australia's leading festivals, arts and cultural institutions. COTA SA is conducting surveys and conversations with older people In preparation for the State Election in March 2018. We are hearing about what is working in their communities and what isn't. We are taking key issues and findings to the election candidates via the COTA SA State Election platform. Findings will also inform our advocacy throughout 2018.



LGBTQI Ageing-Well Project Ambassador for Mature Women Information Access

LGBTQI Ageing-Well Project

Ambassador for Mature Women

COTA Conversations

a partnership with the SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA), has been engaging with older LGBTIQ people across South Australia to understand the things that matter most to them. In early 2018 we will bring older LGBTIQ people together to prioritise and plan an ongoing user movement for older LGBTIQ people, linked with both COTA SA and SARAA.. The State Government has funded a project to engage Dr Susan Mitchell to be the Ambassador for Mature Women. Women, particularly single women, typically enter older age significantly poorer than their male counterparts with associated risks around precarious housing and health.
Dr Mitchell's focus has been on increasing the participation of older women in the workforce.
Information Access is a new service coordinated and implemented by a dedicated team of 12 volunteers. In its first few months, the service assisted 13 people over the telephone or in person, with issues from completing an Advance Care Directive, to navigating My Aged Care to renewing of a Drivers Licence.